YouTube autoplay issues – a workaround

If you are experiencing issues with immediate playback of YouTube videos on your xatspace or on your xat chat, this guide may be of some use to you.

Currently, the only known workarounds are for the Google Chrome browser and for the Opera browser, on Windows operating systems. It appears as if this autoplay issue is not affecting Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

The workaround for Google Chrome will proceed as follows:

  • Type “chrome://flags/#autoplay” into your URL bar and press enter
  • Find “Autoplay Policy
  • Change the drop-down menu from “Default” to “No user gesture is required
  • Completely close all tabs and restart Google Chrome

The workaround for Opera will proceed as follows:

  • Type “opera://flags/#autoplay-policy” into your URL bar and press enter
  • Change the default setting to “No gesture is required
  • Click “Relaunch Now

Once you’ve successfully completed the steps above, immediate playback should function as normal.

If you’re experiencing this issue on another browser and find a fix and/or workaround, please let a help staff member know so that we may append it into this blog post.