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Resignation from Help Responsibilities

This week will be my last week as a manager of Help. For personal reasons, I will be quitting xat completely to focus on other things.

I’m very thankful for having been given the opportunity to make changes at the chat and manage things. It has been a really wonderful experience.

Thank you to everyone who has made Help the place that it is today.

Survey Results and Analysis

Survey Results (Part 1):


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Performance of Owners

  • Based on the findings, it would appear the majority of staff feel owners (not including main owners) do an average or above job at solving issues reported to them. The overall rating sits at 3.79, leaving us with room for improvement.
  • The rating for the effectiveness of reporting to an owner and the confidence that any issue reported would be eventually seen by a main owner is a 3.64. This puts us at a low C, also an area we need to work on.

Timeliness of Promotions

  • Guest => Member
    • Rating: 3.43
    • Comment:
      • This needs to be better monitored
  • Member => Moderator
    • Rating: 3.36
    • Comment:
      • This is unsatisfactory — I’ve made a strong note of this and will revise the situation.

Helping as The Priority

It sort of saddened me to see where it looks like we stand with this. Overall rating was 3.43, also below average (C). Going forward I will try to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Blog Posts for Promotions

From the chart, the consensus is fairly crystal: most feel that we do not need more blog posts announcing promotions.

Posts about General Information about Help

With an average rating near 5, it’s very clear that a good chunk of staff would find this beneficial. This has been duly noted; I will try to get more content out there in this regard.

Professionalism of Owners

Overall rating was rather average. I won’t comment too much on this subject, because it’s something I’ve attempted to stress many times. As always, I’ll deal with situations as they pop up. This is very important to me and is something I believe is crucial for being a successful support base. I also will continue to try to instill that in others.

Professionalism of Members & Moderators

From the chart, most selected 3 or 4. While the rating is only slightly above average, I was generally satisfied with this because of perceived expectations. It just shows we have room to grow, and that’s what it’s all about.

General Satisfaction

It seems most fall into the middle categories. I felt this was a good question to ask because I want this to be a setting everyone is glad to be a part of. I know I have big shoes to fill, but I will continue to be as receptive to input as I can. This survey has been particularly insightful for me, and I hope to implement changes that can improve both the experience here and the public perception of Help.

Survey vs. Staff Meetings

The general consensus is that these surveys are more effective at determining issues at Help than staff meetings are. With that in mind, I’ll start thinking about when to slap another one on the calendar.

Main Owner Feedback (Part 2):


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It appears as though most feel comfortable approaching me with concerns — so, that’s a plus. I’m pleased with this and hope this carries forward. For those sitting in the categories below a rating of 5, I truly hope I can shatter any image of me being aloof and unapproachable. I do care about what you all have to say and I try my best to not have things fall on deaf ears!

While the score for the timeliness of the rate at which reports are dealt with or responded to is near a 4, I consider this an area of strife. This has unfortunately been an issue of mine with other things, as well. I seek to improve this and am still working on this every day.

A little over 80% of the staff members that participated in the survey feel concerns reported to me are kept confidential, on a need-to-know basis. This was sort of upsetting for me, because it’s something that is of the utmost importance to me (< 90% is subpar to me). I have made a note of this.

With an average of 4.25/5, I was a little downhearted that we had half of the survey participants fall into categories below the top score for the perceived interest I have in resolving matters reported to me. I think this is a multi-faceted problem. I will say that I do care quite a lot about solving issues reported to me, however I believe actions speak louder than words. This section of the feedback was very helpful to me. Although it probably doesn’t need to be said, I have always frowned upon belittling reports. If I am busy whenever you send me something, I will try my best to convey that and get back to you as soon as I can. If it something pressing, I will try to make it the priority. An extension of this is that I am planning on streamlining this so staff have a mechanism to contact me if I’m offline and if it’s also an emergency. More on this will be published later.

The average for the reported level of leniency when it comes to my dealing of other rule-breaking staff members floats above a fairly mediocre score. I believe this is quite accurate — I tend to err on the side of being very forgiving. I will attempt to continue to combat natural inclinations and assign/carry out the best possible course of action.

As expected, my presence and interaction with the community is a bit lacking (3.83/5). I unfortunately cannot make any promises that this will drastically improve, because my time management is not where I want it to be, but I will make a concerted effort to be online more and chip in as much as possible.

The responses varied a bit when it came to the quality of the communication of changes implemented at the chat. Since the advent of the club feature, I’ve been trying hard to create a neat and convenient way for us all to stay in the loop. This has been a challenge, but I will try to polish this and get things across better.

The average response to my handling of staff drama or other staff problems well is a low C. I suppose it’s difficult to comment in great depth without having references to cases that were viewed as handled poorly, but I do think this is something I need to work on. I have always tried to come up with the most rational solution to problems as they sprout up, however I recognize that I don’t always diffuse things in the best time and degree. I think this falls in line with my leniency in taking care of situations. Perhaps there are other factors that I’m unaware of — at any rate, this was helpful to me. I’m all for becoming a better version of myself.

Finally, a little over 80% of those that took the survey feel my professionalism is at a 5. While I was okay with the rating, I know I am able to get emotionally compromised. I’ll try to do everything in my power to uphold a professional demeanor at all times, regardless of my mood.


Resignation from Help Responsibilities

To all helpers,

Today is my last day as a main owner at the Help chat. I will be transferring all responsibilities to Muffins. He will be the sole main owner of the Help chat. Starting on January 26, 2018, please direct all questions, concerns, or suggestions to Muffins.

In 2014, when I was a moderator at Help, I maintained a three-page detailed document about the things that I would change if I ever became a main owner. Yes, I was that weird. At that time, I was extremely ambitious and was determined to become a main owner at Help. In 2015, I was promoted to main owner and immediately made many changes. I completely revised the rules to make uncertain policies clearer, and I gave more direction on how to handle certain tricky situations. I was also very receptive to feedback and implemented many other small changes based on feedback.

I no longer have this same ambition and am no longer up to the task of helping operate this chat. Since Muffins became a main owner here, I remained involved in decisions and management by communicating with him privately, but I was not seen on the chat. I recognize that I cannot dedicate more time to this chat, and at this time the community needs to see solid leadership, where possible. The staff also deserve a more visible main owner, which is something I can’t provide right now.

You can still find me around xat once in a while, including the forum. I will also still be a volunteer. With fewer responsibilities, I will be able to focus more on improving the ticket system. Perhaps in the future I will return to Help.

It really has been a great experience to manage this chat. Thank you to all the members, moderators, and owners who worked with me.

— Brandon