Minor Bot Changes

Some minor changes have been made to the bot.

  1. You can now say the literal text “rule x” where x is a valid rule number to get the bot to say the rule that corresponds with the number you entered. The bot doesn’t explain the rule, but it can be helpful when you want to quickly show a rule to a user. You’ll have to tell the user to view the rules below the chat for more details.
  2. The minimum rank for the !shortname command has been set to guest.

A Note on Temporary Moderators

When I was made the main owner of Help, I decided to change how we handle temporary moderators and members. I’ve noticed we have strayed from that original idea or path, so I’d like to correct it and offer some information about this.

I generally do not like the idea of making a guest a temporary moderator, only for them to return to being a guest. If we trust them to have the power to temporarily moderate the chat in the absence of other staff, then we should trust them to be a member. For this reason, I always envisioned that it would be much easier to become a member.

However, I recognize that there is a need to allow guests to become temporary moderators once in a while. From now on, it’s acceptable to make a guest a temporary moderator, but only for one hour at a time.

I also encourage any current member or above to suggest new members. The person doesn’t have to be extremely active. They just need to: a) come on a few times a week at least, b) show that they are a good helper, and c) demonstrate a level of maturity required of moderators.

October 2016 Update

Since we have not had a formal meeting in quite a while (six months), I decided to plan one. Most staff were there, but if you weren’t, this is for you!

  • Only volunteers active at the Help chat will be able to retain their rank. In order for a volunteer to become an owner, they have to show interest and be there regularly, but they are excluded from the process of going from member, to moderator, to owner. As long as I deem them active, they can become an owner.
  • Focus less on kicking users for minor infractions. It seems confrontational. Instead, you can give a “verbal” warning if it’s a minor incident.
  • The bot no longer detects inappropriate nicknames or statuses. This avoids clogging up the chat with banning users who keep unbanning themselves and setting an inappropriate name. This means moderators should largely let unregistered users with inappropriate nicknames stay, or an owner should mute them. If an owner isn’t available and the problem is bad, you can turn on protect mode.
  • I’d like to reinforce the idea that I care very little about how many events you have when it comes to determining your activity.

Meeting Announcement and Small Change

Hello! We will be having a staff meeting on Saturday, October 1. Find the time that it starts by clicking here. It should be converted to your timezone automatically.

I have also made a change to a policy:

  • If you are an owner and would like for someone to be a member, suggest that person to the main owner and make a case for why that person should become a member.

System Problem 55

Your account may have been affected by a change that xat made to user accounts. If you find that you are unexpectedly experiencing System Problem 55, you will need to create a ticket. If you need help with creating a ticket, please contact someone at the Help chat.

Please note that only a small portion of users were held in error. Most users who are experiencing this are not experiencing it by mistake!