Month: May 2017

Clarification on Staff Activity Policy

It was recently suggested that I do something about a fraction of the staff who are mostly inactive. I thought this would be a good time to review my stance on dealing with staff activity.

I have said this before in informal settings, but I will say it again that I do not particularly mind too much when a staff member is mostly inactive. If they are able to come online even a few times a week and help while they’re there, I find that to be acceptable. If we trust someone to be a moderator, then it is beneficial to the chat to have them online at the chat as a moderator, even if it’s for a very short amount of time per week. As the saying goes: The more the merrier. Keeping them as a moderator does not really hurt the chat in any way. I do not believe it devalues the efforts of other people working to become a moderator. For members, I am a little less lenient since members should be trying to prove themselves to some degree.

This policy does not adversely affect the efforts of people who wish to become a member or moderator. We are always looking for new staff. If someone is able to earn it, they will get it. There is no cap on the amount of staff members.

Going forward I will monitor activity levels better and will demote people if necessary.