Month: November 2016

A Note on Temporary Moderators

When I was made the main owner of Help, I decided to change how we handle temporary moderators and members. I’ve noticed we have strayed from that original idea or path, so I’d like to correct it and offer some information about this.

I generally do not like the idea of making a guest a temporary moderator, only for them to return to being a guest. If we trust them to have the power to temporarily moderate the chat in the absence of other staff, then we should trust them to be a member. For this reason, I always envisioned that it would be much easier to become a member.

However, I recognize that there is a need to allow guests to become temporary moderators once in a while. From now on, it’s acceptable to make a guest a temporary moderator, but only for one hour at a time.

I also encourage any current member or above to suggest new members. The person doesn’t have to be extremely active. They just need to: a) come on a few times a week at least, b) show that they are a good helper, and c) demonstrate a level of maturity required of moderators.