Month: October 2016

October 2016 Update

Since we have not had a formal meeting in quite a while (six months), I decided to plan one. Most staff were there, but if you weren’t, this is for you!

  • Only volunteers active at the Help chat will be able to retain their rank. In order for a volunteer to become an owner, they have to show interest and be there regularly, but they are excluded from the process of going from member, to moderator, to owner. As long as I deem them active, they can become an owner.
  • Focus less on kicking users for minor infractions. It seems confrontational. Instead, you can give a “verbal” warning if it’s a minor incident.
  • The bot no longer detects inappropriate nicknames or statuses. This avoids clogging up the chat with banning users who keep unbanning themselves and setting an inappropriate name. This means moderators should largely let unregistered users with inappropriate nicknames stay, or an owner should mute them. If an owner isn’t available and the problem is bad, you can turn on protect mode.
  • I’d like to reinforce the idea that I care very little about how many events you have when it comes to determining your activity.