Month: December 2015

A Few Operational Changes

It was brought to my attention recently that some rules need to be put under review, and that I should pay closer attention to how we operate in general. I am fully committed to listening to all users’ feedback and will make changes as necessary.

Some people believe that I disregard reports. This is definitely not true. I am very open to hearing the feedback of even banned users. For almost every report that I receive, I either make a note of it and look into it later, or I deal with it immediately. Sometimes, the effects of a report are not publicly seen. Because of this, some users may get the impression that reports are disregarded. This is completely understandable, but I hope that going forward it is known that I take every report and suggestion seriously.

After a review of our policies, I have decided to make the following changes:

  • Rule 7 has been modified. In order to ensure that users are receiving the best possible assistance possible, we will now make an effort to help users of other languages. This can be done by using translators, or by using the language yourself if you are familiar with the language. If you do not use automated means (xat’s translator application, for example), then please also include English translations so that everyone is aware of what is being communicated. If you eventually feel that your efforts to help the user are not adequate, then it is acceptable to transfer them to the appropriate help chat. I still encourage moderators to ensure that the receiving chat actually has people available to help! Please fully review rule 7 and ask for help if you do not fully understand how we will be dealing with these cases from now on.
  • Rule 23 has been modified. Lately, one or more Help staff members have been releasing information about our private staff meetings. The content that is discussed in our private meetings is generally not very sensitive, but that doesn’t mean the information should be shared. The reason the information is private is because it’s just not meant to be seen by the public. For users that do manage to see the private information, they will just be reading a lot of policy changes! It saddens me that any staff member would find it acceptable to release protected blog post passwords. We rely on trust. Users who receive the password or see the sensitive information will most likely not be banned, since they cannot control whether they are given the information. However, if an unauthorized user receives the information, and then posts it on the main chat or tells the information to other unauthorized users, a ban may be issued. To sum it up, rule 23 now explicitly outlines this.
  • Our policy on the use of swastikas has changed. Until today, the use of swastikas was not allowed because of the way swastikas are viewed in Western culture. The basis for this is that the majority of people who use the Help chat seem to be of Western culture. Ultimately, swastikas are not offensive. It is a religious symbol that has good meaning. Because of this, its use at Help will be allowed. Remember that if a user is using the symbol in an obviously offensive or obnoxious way (most likely to bring about some kind of reaction), such as having a name like 卍卍卍MASTERRACE卍卍卍, they can be warned and then banned if they fail to change the name.
  • The way we conduct meetings has changed. We will no longer have meetings on the first Monday of every month. Instead, meetings will occur at the beginning of most months. The aim is to have a meeting each month within the first week of the month. In addition, I plan to make meetings more worthwhile. If I feel a meeting is not necessary, I will not schedule one. I want to make meetings worth everyone’s time.

Feel free to go here to send me feedback. Using this form will send me an email. I review all mail that is received!