Bending the Rules and Turning a Blind Eye

Disclaimer: This is not directed towards any specific staff member, but some examples will be used.

Although not stated anywhere in the rules, letting users break the rules without a warning (verbally or by kicking) or punishment is not allowed no matter who the users are. Staff are also not allowed to bend the rules for any user unless told otherwise by an owner or a main owner.

Here are some real examples.

A user has a smiley in her name that uses size above #w7 and #w77 but was given permission to use by a main owner because it appears relatively small and does not disrupt the chat.
This is acceptable.

A user is selling an ID in his name and is only noticed by a guest. The guest reports the user to a moderator and the moderator says it is okay when rule 13 clearly states selling is only allowed in status messages.
This is unacceptable.

A well-known user is being rude to another user and insults the other user while multiple moderators and owners are online. The staff members become silent and the user is not warned nor banned by any moderator or owner.
This is unacceptable.

If you are unsure if a user has broken a rule, please consult a staff member of the same or of a higher rank.