Month: August 2015

Recommending Correct Help Topics

Lately, some helpers have been incorrectly telling people how to open a ticket for being locked out.

Users who are locked out should select the Locked out help topic, not the Lost Access help topic.

Do not tell a user to open a ticket under Lost Access if they cannot enable Account Locking. This requires a location update, and it is available only to paid users.

If a user is locked out or has lost their authentication token, they should be able to create a ticket themselves. First, recommend clearing browser cookies. This will make the ticket page ask only for an email as opposed to requesting that they first login to create the ticket. If, for some reason, they cannot open a ticket, ask them to contact a volunteer.

Advising users to select incorrect help topics will ultimately cause delayed responses.


LOST ACCESS – If user has lost the email address to the account and cannot use

LOCKED OUT – If a user cannot login to the account and is receiving E29.

LOCATION UPDATE (paid user) – If a user cannot turn on Account Locking and is receiving E31.

Please make sure you are telling users the correct information!