Month: June 2015

A Message From Your New Main Owner

Hello! I am pleased to say that I have been appointed to be the Main Owner of the Help chatroom. I am excited about what the future holds. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me a message when I am online. One of my biggest themes is communication. I am always willing to hear people’s suggestions, no matter how big or small.


Banning Users Without Proof

Banning users without proof, especially toons, is prohibited. There are times where a staff member assumes a user is forever banned and bans them for the reason “re-ban.” In some cases the staff member is correct and in some cases they are incorrect. Commonly when it is an unfair ban, it generally goes unnoticed. Therefore, you are not allowed to ban toons without sufficient proof.

This does not apply to obvious bans such as banning a user if:

  • They confess that they are a banned user.
  • They pose as a forever-banned user.