Month: May 2015

Everyone Follows the Same Rules

It’s often been stated that everybody is to follow the same rules as anyone else. Regardless of their role in xat, who they know, or how long they’ve been in xat, they deserve no special treatment. I fully believe this is essential to running a fair chat. Even users who have had their accounts torched can later turn a new leaf and help out. Likewise, outstanding members who break rules can still get banned, just the same as anybody. Essentially, everybody is equal.

With that being such an important value to Help, it warranted the question: “If nobody is above the rules, why are all volunteers ownered on sight?” Throughout this year, Help owners have been given more permission and trust, with being the ones solely in charge of both members and moderators, and they have been outstanding. I don’t feel it right for them to show such dedication to the chat, while having to share all of the responsibility with people who may only come in a few times a year to make temporary moderators.

So, as of today, volunteers are no longer guaranteed a rank. Obviously, they are free to earn a rank, just the same as anybody else; there will just be no distinction in Help between a volunteer and a regular user when it comes to their rank or how they follow the rules.