Dealing with Stolen xats

One of our dear readers asks: “If a user uses scammed xats and I get them in any way, do I get torched?”

Well, dear reader, the brief answer: No. The xat scamming department handles things very swiftly and efficiently. It’s sad, but scamming on xat never quite stops. In the early days, scams were basic phishing scams. With xat adding extra account security features, it’s much harder to phish, so phishers play harder: they go as far as injecting victims with viruses, and taking over their entire computer, just to steal their xats and sell them in the black market.

So, without divulging too deep into the tools used to bust scammers, let’s address the question above: If you get scammed xats, what happens? It first depends highly on the amount that was scammed. If you get about 200 xats or so in scammed goods, then it will simply be removed from your account if a refund is applied. For large amounts, like 5000, it will be removed from your account, even if a refund is not applied to the victim. But, that’s it! Just a simple removal. And this is only for one-way trading/transferring; if you sell the purple power for 24,900 xats, then this will not mean you have “24,900 in stolen” that could be removed. Instead, xat will take the scammer’s Purple power and put that towards 25000, leaving you unaffected.

However, let’s say you got a bit more. And by a bit, I mean about 80,000, or even 200,000. This is, sadly, not an unimaginable amount, as it happens all-too-often. These people are typically a scammer’s best friend, because they are paying with real-world cash for these stolen xats, something that is quite different than a basic trade. Obviously, these customers are far from happy ones, since xat will trace the scammed xats, remove them entirely, and sometimes hold the user. They will then tell the user NOT to buy xats from unknown users, since they just purchased from a scammer. The user is then unheld and sent on their way once they agree not to do it again. This, slowly but surely, lowers the number of users willing to deal in xat’s black market, which in turn lessens the payoff for phishers.

So, for your average day-to-day trading, or occasional 10 day transfer, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you are reading this, it’s highly likely you will never have to worry, as you hopefully do not play in the black market. And if you do, I highly encourage you to stop; not just for your account’s safety, but to also prevent future chatters from being phished.