Revisiting the Fundamental Chat Purpose

Recently there have been too many instances of people carrying non-help related conversations while ignoring guests in need of assistance. Since the Help chat is a large central help location for all of xat, we wish to maintain and operate the chat in a professional manner. General discussion on the main chat is not acceptable if people who need help are being ignored at the same time. There are many other popular chats that facilitate the fun features of xat—like games—while also encouraging general discussion.

If multiple people are carrying a general conversation even while someone is being helped, the help messages should not be immediately pushed out of view with general conversation messages. It might give the impression to the people in need of assistance that most of the other people chatting about general things do not care about the priority, which is helping.

Moving forward, I encourage all staff members to keep the conversation at Help focused on actually helping people. This can be accomplished by giving warnings to users who violate the helping-before-all rule. Although less likely, bans can still be given out if warnings aren’t working! General discussion is definitely fine if no one needs help.