Month: February 2015

Behavior at Other Chats

It’s time to clarify this often-confused rule.

What does it mean?
Essentially, we do not want Help staff members going to random chats and causing issues and making Help (and xat) look bad. That’s not fun for anyone. Issues include going to other official chats and spamming, speaking languages not supported in the chat, breaking the promotion guidelines on a promoted chat, or, obviously, breaking the Terms of Service.

Can I cuss on other chats?
It’s all about the context! If you go to random chats and start cussing people out without cause, then obviously that is not acceptable. And, obviously, you cannot go to the Trade chat and start swearing or spamming. That’s no fun. However, if your friend has a xat chat and you say a few cuss words and nobody is offended, then there is no harm done, and no reason for action to be taken in the Help chat.

A Help staff member was inappropriate in my private chat!
If you and a Help staff member are friends, and they drop a simple swear (non-offensive) in your private chat, and you report them, then you will be dunced for wasting time. We do not want Help staff to private chat everybody saying offensive language, obviously, since that’s bad. But if you and them are having personal conversations, then there is no reason for it to affect their rank. But, again, this is up to context; if they are directing an offensive word at another user, that’s not fun, and that’s a separate case entirely.

Cool, thanks!
You are very welcome.