Various Protect Modes and When to Use Them

Hello, helpers! This is Bennett tuning in to explain the various protection modes xat offers. In the Help chat, all members and higher are able to use them. In most other chats, it’s owners only (unless they use gcontrol power).

We have:

  • /p – Standard protect. Captchas new users who enter the chat. This should be the first resort.
  • /pcCaptcha all guests, regardless of their length of time on xat.
  • /pr – Makes chat registered users only (non-registered cannot join), and captchas the rest. This should only be used if /p or /pc fails and Help is being raided hard. One user unbanning themself is not cause to turn away innocent users who need help. Rule of thumb: if it’s harder for them to get in than it is to ban, then we’re in the clear.
  • /pgGags all guests for 3 minutes before they can join again. However, we are not able to ungag, so it’s not used in Help.
  • /pm – Makes chat members only. Never use this, since nobody can ask for help if they can’t join!