Month: July 2014

What Qualifies as Hack Talk

Recently I have seen moderators warning users not to talk about hacking when they were simply informing them that they were hacked.

Hack talk is loosely defined as discussing actual hacking. If you simply say you were hacked, you are stating your situation and you are not going into detail on how it was done.

In the future I advise that moderators do not kick or ban users for simply stating that they were hacked. If moderators continue doing this, they will be demoted.

Note: No rules were changed here. This is how it was always meant to be enforced. Users should be able to get help when they have been hacked.

Owners and the Rules

Help owners are chosen based on their experience with Help and xat. As such, they can make decisions while using their own judgment, either when it comes to demotions, temporary moderators, or bans. Sometimes, they might even warn you for something you didn’t know was against the rules.

If this happens, please listen to them. Some users make semi-offensive names, and say there’s no rule against it, even when owners tell them to change it. This will end in a ban.

Of course, owners can’t go banning unfairly. We just want users to know that if an owner wants you to change your name or stop a specific behavior, you should oblige. And, as always, if you feel you’re being mistreated, you can contact Spell directly and voice your concerns about a specific owner.