Issues with Banning

Lately there have been a few issues with banning.

Moderators should always use a reason when banning. There are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, if the chat is being raided or a user is majorly spamming, a reason is not necessary.

The second issue is banning users with fake screenshots.

Here is a good example:

Notice how the first message has no drop shadow behind the avatar?

I expect that moderators will be more careful when banning for fake screenshots now.

With this in mind, a full screenshot of the chat along with the user’s identification window in it with the message being partially or fully visible is required as proof, as well as a screenshot of the chat without the user’s identification window. Without this type of proof, you cannot ban.

Moderators are now also required to give proof when banning users who break rules in their private chat. This is not a requirement for owners.

Moderators not following these rules will be demoted.