Month: May 2012

Use of Rapid Power

Rapid power should only be used if the reason is obvious. For example, it can be used if a user is swearing and flaming, or in cases of raids.

For all other bans, such as minor swearing or smiley spamming, reasons must be used. An exception to this is when you kick a user with the link to another chat or boot them to it, you can ban for one hour with no reason after the kick.

More often than not, people ask why they were banned, and the events don’t tell why because no one uses reasons. People should know why they get banned so that they can correct their behavior in the future.

Setting rapid to a 24 hour ban and constantly rapid banning people is an example of misuse. Do not ban for long amounts of time for measly reasons.

If any staff is caught not obeying this, they will be demoted immediately.