How to Reset your ID

Here you’ll learn how to get a new ID on xat chat.

STEP 1: Right click the chat, and click Settings. Example!

STEP 2: Click the Folder icon, and drag to 0MB, then click Close. Example!

STEP 3: Refresh the page, and click “Allow” when it requests storage. You now have a new ID! You can now register it (note you cannot use your old register name / email as it’s already taken). If you change your mind you can always login at

-Make sure your old ID is registered, if it isn’t you will never be able to recover it.
-You can only reset your ID about once an hour.
-Any Macros you set will be lost forever so keep a list of them somewhere!
-Any “New User”s you’ve created may be unrecoverable.

(The tinyurl to this article is use it to help people as the old guide no longer works)

If you would like to logout (keep same ID) use this link:$0

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